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3D Design Studio

At Intricat3D’Zine we have committed ourselves to finding new ideas and concepts and bringing it to the market place.

About Our Art Studio

We look far and wide for artists whom we can promote and unleash their extraordinary talents.  We like the use of lighting art because we believe that people are drawn to the light and we have been created to live in the light. 

Our works are exclusive and not something you would see every day – but when you do it will change you and fill the void art should fill in your life!

Ready to Invest

Throughout history art has been used to move and inspire people.  Art should evoke emotion and set the mood.  However conventional art is a picture and you either like it or you don’t. 

If you’d like a unique, once-off art piece contact us and let’s discuss your idea.  We would love to make your vision a reality.

Our Workshop

A small “hobby room” transformed into a special, magical workshop, where artists can forget about the real world and enter a place of free expression and creativity. 

There is never a dull moment when time and space are made for new techniques and ideas.  Unique designs and handmade art pieces come to life with the flow of energy, graceful talent, light, peace and gratitude.

Unique Creations

Although we offer a range of duplicates, we also love to create unique pieces according to our client’s specifications.  Contact us with your ideas and let’s make magic together.

Art For Sale

We have existing art pieces which we duplicate on request.  These are limited to maximum 10 per design, in order to keep them unique.


Standard Sizes : View Here

Get in Touch

Telgie (Sales) 082 932 6563
Chevonne (Admin) 072 908 1211
F'Cois (Main Artist) 082 773 3570